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Notices of Act 3 of 2016

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Description Gazette Date Gazette No Notice Type Notice No
Division of Revenue Act: Transfer made from the Municipal Disaster Grant 2017-07-14 40985 Gov N 689
Division of Revenue Act: Stopping and Re-allocation of Transfers for Municipal Grants in terms of the Act 2017-03-22 40707 Gov N 247
Division Revenue Act, as amended: Stopping of funds in respect of a non-spending province and reallocation of funds to another province in terms of Sec.19 and 20 2017-03-17 40701 Gov N 245
Division of Revenue Act (3/2016) as amended by the Division of Revenue Amendment Act (11/2016): Publication of allocations 2017-03-08 40670 Gov N 207
Division of Revenue Act: Publication of allocations in terms of sections 19, 20 and 21 of the 2016 DoRA 2016-10-14 40351 Gov N 1276
Section 38 of Division of Revenue Act: First transfer of equitable share and conditional allocations for preelection municipalities, 2016 2016-06-02 40035 Gov N 613
Division of Revenue Act: Allocations per municipality for each Schedule 3; 4, Part B; 5, Part B; 6, Part B; and 7, Part B grant to local government and Schedule 6, Part A grants to provinces, and the provincial and local 2016-05-27 40021 Gov N 586


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